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Dr Jayme Jensen

Dr. Jayme M. Jensen, NHD, ACCHT, CHMRP, RT,
Doctor of Natural Health

Dr. Jayme Jensen, Owner

Dr. Jayme Jensen is a holistic doctor with a background in biochemistry and many years of experience as an intuitive in alternative healing. These special Shanti Kai™ essences are the result of many years of private research, extensive testing, and arduous refining of formulas to create the most extensive, effective, and pure essence line available. Shanti Kai™ products are made with the intention of helping others attain the highest blessings of health, peace, and prosperity.

About our Essences

Shanti Kai™ Essences are not Aromatherapy, Essential Oils or Fragrances. They are highly complex Vibrational Infusions [similar to homeopathics] that work on the body’s energy field. Vibrational Essences are all about creating balance, releasing old patterns of behavior and emotions, and helping us to be the expression of our highest, inner potential. They reach beyond symptomatic levels and seek to alter the subtle vibrational fields in the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) thereby contributing to transformational shifts in one’s core way of thinking, being, and conceiving. Our Essences transfer the vibrations of flowers, gemstones, precious metals and color to the user’s energy field, allowing them to assimilate the corrective frequencies needed to heal and restore.

Our Promise

At Shanti Kai™, we believe that nature contains the vibrations we need to heal, restore, replenish, and to bring us back into alignment with and enhance our access to our optimum health and total potential. That is why we are excited to offer products and services designed to help you reach transformative states of healing, growth, and restoration.

Our products are pure, high energy, natural, and safe, and are made with painstaking care to ensure the high vibrational state of the end product. All of our essences go through extensive internal testing, are blind tested by our research group, and have virtually unlimited shelf life once preserved. They are designed to help with a plethora of issues using the very vibrations found in nature.

Visit our Essences Page to view our extensive essence line. For more information on our services, please visit our Services Page.

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