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Dr Jayme Jensen

Dr. Jayme M. Jensen, NHD, ACCHT, CHMRP, RT,
Doctor of Natural Health

Dr. Jayme Jensen, Owner

Dr. Jayme Jensen is a Holistic Doctor and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist that specializes in psychospiritual healing. She began working intuitively as early as age fourteen when she met one of her first teachers, a Medical Doctor who specialized in Integrative Medicine. She worked with this doctor using her energetic sensitivity and intuitive ability to assist with holistic patient care by reading the energy field of the clients, as well as herbs, homeopathics, and other healing remedies. When she was seventeen, she was in a car accident resulting in serious head injuries that modern day medicine was not able to heal. Seeking ways to improve her condition, she delved deeper into alternative forms of healing and embarked on a twenty year journey searching for effective alternative healing methods. During this time, she tried pretty much every type of holistic therapy and form of natural healing in existence, including going through rigorous cleansing programs, taking intensive trainings, exploring forms of energy healing, doing deep psychospiritual work, and traveling internationally to study natural medicine. Through the healing work she embraced, she was not only able to facilitate her own healing, but began helping those around her as well. She initially started sharing this with others and soon developed her own thriving practice.

Jayme started training with Vibrational Essence Therapies, an area she felt deeply drawn to, because of its effectiveness and potential to help people. With her strong intuitive nature, along with her studies of healing as well as biochemistry, she started developing her own essence therapy line. She spent years creating, studying, and tweaking formulas to create the most extensive, effective, and pure essence line available today. Clients who have experienced the essences rave about their effectiveness. Jayme uses the essences she’s developed as her own healing tools when performing client work to help balance and realign her client’s energy field.

Our Promise

At Shanti Kai™, we believe that nature contains the vibrations we need to heal, restore, replenish, and to bring us back into alignment with and enhance our access to our optimum health and total potential. That is why we are excited to offer products and services designed to help you reach transformative states of healing, growth, and restoration.

Our products are pure, high energy, natural, and safe, and are made with painstaking care to ensure the high vibrational state of the end product. All of our essences go through extensive internal testing, are blind tested by our research group, and have virtually unlimited shelf life once preserved. They are designed to help with a plethora of issues using the very vibrations found in nature.

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