We offer an extensive line of Hawaiian Flower and Gemstone Essences – healing vibrations that work on the body’s energy field to help balance, heal, and restore for optimum health and vitality.

Best-Selling Essences

Special Blends are designed to act on specific areas of concern, such as clearing, grounding, abundance, relationships, self esteem and empowerment, etc.

20% off Essences for the New Year Supermoon:
~ Intuition™ (Lunar blend)
~ Venus™
~ Golden Aura™ (the Sun)
~ Transformation™ (Pluto)

20% off select Essences Blends:
~ Guardian Angel™ (Protection Spray)
~ Clear My Space™ (Aura & Room Cleanse)
~ Garnet Glow™ (Frequencies of Radiant Red)

15% off Prosperity™

10% off Master Gemstone Blends

Free 1oz Clear My Crystals™ Essence with every Mala purchase!

News & Updates!

  • NEW Product: Lemurian Quartz Master Blend!
  • Lumeria in Maui carries an exclusive Shanti Kai™ Essence line – check out our Lumeria Brochure!
  • Our next Breathwork workshop date will be announced soon!
  • Interested in our next Breathwork workshop? Contact us and let us know!


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