We offer an extensive line of Hawaiian Flower and Gemstone Essences – healing vibrations that work on the body’s energy field to help balance, heal, and restore for optimum health and vitality.

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25% off our December Astro Trio: Featuring Intuition™, MercurEase™, & Svadhisthana™ (Sacral Chakra). (or 15% off individually)

20% off our Holiday Survival Kit: Featuring Clear My Space™, Guardian Angel™, Lighten Up™, Healer Within™, and Attract™.

25% off our Holiday Expanded Kit: Includes all the essences in the Holiday Survival Kit plus ImmunEase™, Harmony™, and Release It™.

25% off our Holiday Chakra Companion Essences: Featuring Muladhara™ (Root Chakra) & Anahata™ (Heart Chakra). (or save 20% off individually)

20% off Land Clearing Kit: Featuring Release It™, Clear My Space™, Earth Chakra™, Lighten Up™, and Violet-White™.

20% off Holiday Companion Essences:
~ Emerald Light™ & Garnet Glow™
~ Guardian Angel™ & Golden Aura™

20% off Select Essence Blends:
~ Clear My Space™: Aura & Room Cleanse
~ Guardian Angel™: Auric Shielding / Protection Spray
~ Attract™: Ultimate Manifestation Tool

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Special Blends are designed to act on specific areas of concern, such as clearing, grounding, abundance, relationships, self esteem and empowerment, etc.

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